Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TWD/BWJ: Pecan Sticky Buns

Fifty-*something* years old and I've made my first brioche dough. Well technically, my trusty middle-aged Katie (KA mixer) made the brioche while I stood by with sweet words of encouragement. Another two-day recipe, but all's well that ends well. Half of the dough was transformed into not-so-sticky buns (but I'm not complaining - sticky is overrated). The other half of the dough waits patiently in the freezer for a day when our bodies need an infusion of butter. OK, "need" may be too extreme a word.

And now that I think about it, this probably wasn't the best day to go for that blood draw. I thought it was just a check of my vitamin D level.  Last time I was at the endocrinologist's office, she prescribed the mega-dose-once-a-week variety cuz I'm not so good at remembering to take vitamins. And then I forgot to take it the first couple of weeks.  Duh. Anyway, long story short, when I arrived for the blood test, they had a list of several other things to check.  Here I expected a finger prick (well, a girl can dream) and ended up donating 4 tubes full, about an hour after consuming a fresh-from-the-oven sticky bun. So when  they call to alert me of cholesterol and triglyceride problems, I'll have to fess up. Enough about me.  Let's get on with the pictures. The recipe can be found here or here, and other blog links are here.

Guess what I discovered?  See that "lock" lever?  Would have
been so helpful to know about that during the making of
the white loaves...

Never mashed butter with a
scraper before.
It was fun. 
♪♫... Rolling, rolling, rolling up some
sticky buns...♫♪
(think "Proud Mary" - sorry!)

There they are hanging out between the blackberries and the broccoli.
Thought they'd feel healthier that way.  Oh, and did you notice on
the shelf above?  Uh-huh.  Rhubarb.  You know I'm going back
for a second round of that Hungarian Shortbread...

Ready for the oven.  See that potholder in the back?
It says "The Queen does not cook" and it's
burnt from when I accidentally dropped it on
an element in the oven, LOL!

Close Enough. Yum!

This shoe reminded me a little of that butter-smashing...  Actually, there's a story here.  I saw it under the edge of this dumpster by the library.  A few weeks later it was still there, miraculously enough - with it's mate!  Can't find that picture right now, but it'll show up one of these days. Then I'll have to make that second batch of sticky buns.


  1. Bloodwork & sticky rolls may not be a match made in heaven :-)
    It looks like your rolls came out perfectly.

  2. You need sugar after your blood is drawn so this is a perfect recipe!
    Yours look great!

  3. Like you, Margaret, I let my trusty KA do the work while I offered gentle encouragement and all went well! Do you think it would help your blood to drink a glass of wine after eating a sticky bun? I'm thinking about trying it!

  4. Too funny! I froze my other log as well and am trying not to think about it while I look at all these photos.

  5. Hi Margaret,
    I'm getting caught up right now. sorry I missed this one; you always make me laugh! oh yeah, my cholesterol's a little high these days too. but it looks like your buns are in good shape! ;)