Saturday, December 22, 2012

TWD/BWJ: Finnish Pulla

The world didn't end.  But just in case, I made the Finnish Pulla on Thursday (I know, I know - late again). It was good. And I was glad. Because who wants to eat something that's not good on what could potentially be their last day on Earth?

After seeing some suggestions in the P&Q (what DOES that mean?) I decided to make two small wreaths, one regular and the other with filling. The filling was shredded almond paste that I came across in the store next to the sliced almonds. Never used it before.  But I WILL be using it again.

Ready for the oven.
I used turbinado sugar on the regular one
instead of pearl sugar.  The other got a dose of
powdered sugar glaze after baking.  Just because.
The kids were too busy watching two seasons of The Walking Dead to help with the baking.  But they were quick enough to descend on the finished product.

The recipe can be found here and other TWD bloggers are here. I wish you a very meaningful Christmas. May your heart be filled to overflowing.

Here's a little treat.

The best shoe I can think of for this week is one I saw a year ago at the Christmas Market in Vienna. Yes, "lost soles" are an international phenomenon.

Merry Christmas, Y'all!


  1. Your loaves are lovely! Love the twisted shape loaf. The glass duo is amazing! Hope you don't mind that I shared it (on FB). ~Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Almond paste. Mother of Pearl that sounds good!
    Both of your breads look lovely. Glad the world didn't end...
    Happy holidays!

  3. I love both shapes you used for your breads and using almond paste sounds just wonderful. Happy Holidays!

  4. Your wreaths look great. I'm glad it was good too. Very funny about eating something not good on the (potentially) last day.
    Merry Christmas to you. Happy Baking in the New Year.