Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TWD/BWJ: Mocha Brownie Cake

I baked a day EARLY!
It was St Patrick's Day.
So there was no mocha in this cake.
That bottle of Bailey's begged to be used.

You know, while we're at it, I seem to remember that last year we baked a decadent chocolate thing during Lent. And I was low-carbing it then too. But I had a piece anyway. Just to taste. Figured I'd already set the precedent and had a little sliver of this one. It's a good thing my son was here. Sent most of it home with him. It could've gotten ugly for my sweet little fatty liver...

Here we go. Notes to self:
1) Read the directions. There's chilling time to consider. 
2) Be sure you have ALL the ingredients and don't have to run out for cream at the last minute.
3) A little less than 1/4 cup on the liqueur is sufficient. If using coffee, make it strong.
4) Ganache = Heaven. Would this work for dipping bourbon balls? Look into it.
5) Try making little mini-cakes. Cupcake-sized. Or even smaller for a crowd. 
6) Going to need whipped cream, ice cream, or at least a good glass of milk.

This recipe can be found in the Baking With Julia cookbook. The other Tuesday With Dorie bakers are here.

Sorry, I don't have a green shoe for St Patrick's Day. But I did see a boot out in the middle of nowhere while doing the Quilt Shop Hop this weekend. Nowhere is officially Loganville, Georgia. They even have a slogan: "Where the heck is Loganville?" Think it was my first time driving through there and it offered up a shoe in the road. I like the place already.


  1. I love your Notes to Self. I should start doing that too. I always verbally say next time I'd…, but then never write it down.

    I love the Baileys addition too!

  2. I'm one who writes notes to myself in my cookbooks. Otherwise I'll never forget to tweak things the next time!

    Great cake!

  3. Bailey and chocolate cake....sounds great.
    I really looking forward to seeing the picture of a shoe on the road.

  4. I think ice cream was mandatory when eating this dessert :-) And yes, the ganache was very good.
    Very nice!

  5. Your cake looks great! Adding Bailey's was a god idea - I made strong coffee and it still was not discernible. Isn't ganache the best?! And so easy to make. I made a raspberry ganache once (wish I had remembered to do so again), then dipped in little brownie bites (the ones you purchase in the store) so the top half was covered, then topped with a fresh raspberry; so delicious and elegant - great for a party.

  6. I like the idea of making miniature versions of these. They were very rich.