Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TWD/BWJ: Chocolate-Mint Nightcaps

Let's get something straight.
These are NOT cookies.
To be fair, the Cookie section of Baking With Julia
describes cookies as "the smallest cakes".
Which is what these are - little filled cakes.
Whoopie Pies, if you will.

Threw raw-egg caution to the wind.
We did enjoy the batter.
We probably won't make them again. Our go-to chocolate mint cookie is a favorite from childhood, Starlight Mint Surprise Cookies. A wondrous combination of crispy brown sugar dough, filled with a mint-flavored chocolate disc and topped with a nut. Not "little cakes". Sorry Nightcaps, when you're up against family tradition it's not a fair fight. Especially when you're not a cookie to begin with.

Maybe if your layers were crispy and sandwiched together with Nutella...  

but that would be a different thing altogether, wouldn't it? Ah well, every recipe can't be a winner.

And then there was the issue of the "nightcap". A mound of chocolate on top that looked very unappetizing. Let's be honest. I'm a dog owner.

But a piping bag full of ganache can be fun. Why in the world would anyone put a dull pile of chocolate poopie on top when there are so many other possibilities?

Unfortunately, these can't be stored easily once they're topped. Which is why the recipe also specified that they must be eaten right away. Who lives in a world where an entire batch of cookies can be consumed immediately? Not me. We now have a little decorate-it-yourself kit in the refrigerator. 

The other Tuesdays With Dorie bakers who made this recipe can be found here.

And a shoe. From Statesboro. We went down there this week to retrieve our girl, and her dog, and her car, which was inoperable and had to be towed - what an experience!


  1. Love your post, and the fun cookie designs! There have been several comments on how these faux cookies looked. Family tradition or not, these were not a hit with me. A sad day indeed - I was looking forward to these.

  2. I am glad that I am not the only one who had the dog poo image running through their head :-) I like your creative piping.
    Traditions are just not meant to be messed with