Friday, January 9, 2015

TWD/BWJ: Inside-Out Upside-Down Tirami Su

This is going to be quick.
I'm definitely beginning to appreciate phyllo.
So easy. So good.
Someone remind me about this recipe in July!
Perfect for a hot summer day in Atlanta.

Unfortunately this is the coldest day of the year.
Oh well.
Off-schedule never hurt anybody.

Three components to this little delicacy:
The Sabayon: aka "luscious cream filling"
The Granita: aka "frozen sweetened coffee"
The Phyllo "pillows": half a sheet baked in a little pan,
buttered and sprinkled with ginger sugar

Put them all together and you have something a little light, a little crunchy, a little like tiramisu.
As I said, perfect for a summer day!

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And now a summer shoe, so I'll remember it when the time comes:


  1. Looks great, Margaret! I was thinking the same thing, better for a summer day! It was pretty cold here too.

  2. Yes - that granita would have made me happy in July :-)
    Ahhh, summer, where are you?