Thursday, September 10, 2015

TWD/BCM: Jam-filled Sandwich Cookies

Poor Dorie.
She's never gone on an Oreo binge.
Or she would know what a sandwich cookie is.
These aren't even close.

I would like to suggest another name.

Knocked-Me-Right-Off-My-Diet Cookies.

Or maybe Tomorrow-Is-Another-Day Cookies.

Or Some-Things-Are-Worth-It Cookies.

Or Life-Is-Short(bread) Cookies.

Are you following me here? For over 2 weeks, I've been so very good. Haven't had sugar, flour, dairy, coffee, or alcohol! Seriously. I surprised myself.  Kept saying "it's only 28 days". Why, oh why, did these cookies have to come along on Day 17?

No 2" cookie cutter, so I used a little heart-shaped one.
Only jam in the house was fig jam I made a couple of
weeks ago. Good choice. 
Even as I made the dough, and rolled it out, and cut the cookies, and added the jam, and topped with more cookies, and pressed the edges together, and sprinkled with sugar, and rotated them as they baked - yes, even as I watched my own hands doing these things, I told myself knew that I would not be eating one. And then they came out of the oven. Of course I had to break one open and see the filling.  (Note to self: next time, more jam!)

Then something happened, some kind of out-of-body experience, and before I knew it, the cookie disappeared. Into my body. With all those cucumbers and celery sticks and nitrite-free turkey bacon strips and spinach. That was several cookies ago. I don't even feel guilty. Well, maybe a little. And sorry for the last, lost, 17 days. Let's just say I'll be making these again.

Most of them were heart-shaped
but I broke out my Georgia cookie cutter before it was all over.
The figs were from Georgia, so it seemed right.
The other Tuesdays With Dorie bakers are here. They all loved the cookies too.

Last but not least, here's a shoe:


  1. I have some fig jam in the fridge, which is making me want to make these again!

  2. Those darn disappearing cookies! How dare they ruin your streak! On another note, your cookies look delicious!

  3. Oh, I like the heart cutter :-)

    Re: Oreos - the best part of sandwich cookies is discarding the shell on two or three cookies and sandwiching all the cream together. Double stuff, ha - I raise you triple stuff!