Wednesday, June 28, 2017

TWD/BCM: Les Whoopies

Two weeks in a row!
Let's pretend I'm not a day late.

No special whoopie pan. Little scoop worked fine.
Made the whoopies last night.
But ran out of peanut butter filling - quelle horreur!
Apparently I was overly generous. Didn't seem like it.

So I made the salted caramel this morning. Just for comparison purposes, you know.

Both fillings are amazing.
However, everyone here prefers the peanut butter on the whoopies.

But that caramel?
Get out a spoon.
Totally decadent all by itself.

Firming up in the fridge
The other Tuesdays With Dorie bakers are here.

And now a shoe. Actually a pair. Can't believe I was able to get this picture while driving. I'd seen these the day before and knew where they were, but there was too much traffic to stop. So I set the camera to "sport burst" mode, pointed in the right direction, and hoped for the best. Sometimes you get lucky.


  1. The salted caramel filling looks amazing. Well done on the shoe photo.

  2. Better late than never:) My family preferred the caramel filling to the peanut butter but I loved the peanut butter. Glad these were a hit and yours look great!