Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TWD/BWJ: Chocolate Truffle Tarts

Both kids were home this weekend, so we made these on Saturday. They went back to school on Sunday bearing tarts, King Cake, brownies, and Girl Scout cookies. Their friends will be happy.

Is there anything better than baking with your teenage daughter? At one point, we were laughing so hard she was literally rolling on the floor and I could hardly breathe. That brought brother bear out of his cave to see what the commotion was all about. There was chocolate involved.  Of course.

Let's get on with the baking photos.  If you want the actual recipe, you can get it here, here, here, or here. And here's where you can check out the rest of the TWD blogroll.

Couldn't believe it but
smearing those crumbs worked!

out of the fridge
my baby
baking the crusts

Used bittersweet chips. Needed a kitchen scale
to measure the right amount. So proud that I had one,
even if it was out of reach on a high pantry shelf
(think we bought it years ago to weigh a Pinewood Derby car).
What's a "slowly disappearing ribbon"?

Separating the eggs.
Froze the whites in an ice cube tray. 
Yay! They look like the picture! And taste fabulous.

Oh, and here's a shoe I saw this week while sitting at a light on an interstate overpass. A "chocolate" brown leather clog-ish sort of thing drowning in cigarette butts. Who loses a shoe in a place like that?


  1. I bet cooking with your daughter is the best! I only have sons and they can be fun too but there is nothing like a daughter. This was my first time to your blog and I like your idea of shoes in the road! Tarts are nice too.

  2. I love spending time in the kitchen with my girls (16 and almost 18). It is fun!
    Looks like you had tart success & wow - I am sure all those goodies were well appreciated.

  3. I like the idea of freezing the egg whites in an ice tray. I loaded mine in a plastic bag, but I have a feeling it will be difficult to separate them when I need them. I will have to try your way next time. And btw, I have a Baby Lock machine and absolutely love it. I know it does not have the same following as the Bernina, but I could not be happier. : )