Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TWD/BWJ: Rugelach

First thing I've ever baked that tasted like it might have come from a bakery.  Really.  I know their secret now.  LOTS of butter and cream cheese.  In fact, everything about this recipe seemed excessive. Even had to run to the store at the last minute for more cinnamon. But it was fun. And this week Baby Boy is home on spring break.  So let's get on with pictures.  If you want the recipe, you can get it here or here.  Other blogs about it are listed here.  (Note: I'm in a hurry and can't to figure out how to put these pics where I want them...)

Nobody said it was low fat! And shortly
after this, the King of the Castle began a
conversation with me just as I was adding
the flour.  Still not sure if I used
2 1/2 or 3 cups.

It's a 30 year old food processor and only works on "pulse"
but I've got the cutest measuring spoons in town!
Left his jacket on til I mentioned the sleeve
dragging thru a pile of flour. The things
you learn when you cook...
I heard a funny noise and realized that
someone had discovered the can of
spray cream in the fridge!

We decided to make one batch following the recipe.
Happened to have dates, figs, and raisins
in the pantry, pluse there were apricots
left over from making the filling

This was the point where I read that they were supposed
to chill for 4 hours!  Uh-oh.

Decided to go with chocolate for the second batch.
And a different shape.

Told BB he could add whatever he wanted
to the last one.  He emerged from the pantry with
a bag of mini-marshmallows.  

This recipe goes on forever!
Now it's time to dip.

Pretty close!  And I must say, they're delicious!

Oh - and it's not every day you see a sweet shoe like this in the road!

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  1. Your cookies came out beautifully.
    And I have caught both of my ladies swiping whipped cream from a can on more than one occasion :-)