Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TWD/BWJ: Irish Soda Bread

They took pity on us after the Rugelach-that-went-on-forever.  Today's recipe for Irish Soda Bread was quick and easy.  I think I spent more time going outside for a sprig of rosemary than it took to make the entire thing.  Tasty too.  Might have to try this with a variety of add-ins.  This time, I divided the dough in half.  One was plain (cuz I want to do the recipe as written at least once) and the other had some queso and rosemary added. The recipe can be found here or here. And other blog links are here.

easy peasy ingredients
ready for the oven

What sane person lets freshly-baked bread cool?
This week's shoe. It's GREEN! Perfect for March.


  1. Your shoes in the road are cracking me up! :) Glad this bread turned out so well for you. I love that you added rosemary. Perfect!

  2. I look forward to your shoes! So fun! Rosemary must have made this bread outstanding, I love rosemary focaccia.

  3. Indeed, the walk outdoors probably was the hardest part of this dish :-)

  4. This is my motto too - fresh baked bread should be eaten pronto :)