Saturday, August 4, 2012

TWD/BWJ: Blueberry Nectarine Pie

I was doing quite well on the wheat-free diet. And then Blueberry Nectarine Pie came along. The recipe can be found here or here, and other bloggers are here. I honestly did intend to only eat the filling, and in fact made the filling wheat-free by substituting cornstarch and tapioca for the flour.

I made the crust by hand because I like using a pastry blender. It reminds me of my mother, who used one to make the crumbs for her famous peach crumb pie. She died when I was 15 and it's one of the few things I learned from her about baking.

Notice the tea towel?
The-Best-Neighbor-In-The-World moved back from
London and brought it to me.

An Olympic Pie! Sprinkled with a little purple sugar.
Probably not the best decision - it looked like freckles.

Because I felt so bad about not eating the crust (and was SO sure that I wouldn't), I made a little ice cream to go with the pie. It was strawberry-buttermilk ice cream from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home. I heard Jeni being interviewed on The Splendid Table last week, and then the book fell into my hands at the library so I didn't really feel like I had a choice.  Sometimes the universe conspires. 

In the end, I ate the crust! Took one bite just to test it out and couldn't stop myself from eating the rest. Which means I've totally blown the scientific wheat-free experiment. But it was worth it. I tend to believe that the most sensible way of eating is governed by two rules: "Eat real food" and "Everything in moderation". Of course, I'm on the library waiting list now for The China Study. Why do I do this to myself? 

There was one other way that the universe conspired on my behalf this week. It's a long story that you don't want to hear, but I ended up with an amazing Singer treadle sewing machine "born" on May 27, 1898 (according to the Singer company after only 1 1/2 hours on hold).  It's gorgeous and in fantastic condition!  I took the entire thing apart, cleaned and oiled it up, and it sews beautifully. Can't tell you how long I've wanted one of these. My heart overflows. ♥

A shoe?  Let's see what I can come up with. How about another one from our road trip? It was York, SC.



  1. OMG! That sewing machine is gorgeous! And you can actually use it! So jealous...

    Your pie looks wonderful. I like the Olympic touch!

  2. The Singer is stunning. It looks like one my grandmother used to have.
    Love, love, love your "Olympic" pie & Jeni's book is wonderful. I have yet to make a bad ice cream from her book :-)

  3. That machine is a real beauty- I am a "sewer", and I have always heard those machines sew perfectly when taken care of. A little treasure you have. Not to mention, your pie looks scrumptious! I was following your wheat experiment- you hear so much now about the gluten dilemma!