Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TWD/BWJ: Mocha Chocolate Chips

A miracle has occurred! I'm posting on the right day. And to honor the miracle, I ate one of these cookies even though I gave up carbs for Lent. It was a small cookie and it was fabulous. What can I say? I'm definitely a grace-dependent person.

A couple of notes to my future self:
1) Use at least 2 T. of espresso powder - only used 1 1/2 this time, needed more.
2) A combo of dark and white chocolate is good, but more dark next time.
3) Don't be afraid of the apricots. And add lots of chopped walnuts for Michael.
4) Refrigerate the dough overnight and use the small scoop.
5) Use the airbake cookie sheets and parchment.

Here are some pictures:

Ghirardelli chips are fine.
Don't worry about all that chopping.

Small is good. They don't spread so much
and you can eat more!
Caught her stealing the dough.
There's less mocha flavor after baking.

The recipe for these wonderful cookies can be found here and the other bloggers are here.

And now for a shoe. This past weekend was the Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop. I put some miles on the car visiting the 10 quilt shops in the Atlanta area. The GPS took me astray while looking for one of them, and instead I came across the most amazing group of shoes in the road! Sometimes those who think they are lost are actually in exactly the right place. Here's a picture of one of those shoes.


  1. Yummm... walnuts.. why didnt I think of that, these look great!

  2. Yes - don't be afraid of the apricots!

    THere was a dough theif in my house too :-)

  3. Recently we were driving home from a shopping trip and right in the middle of the road was a black work boot! I laughed and thought of you! Grace and blessings!

    1. LOL! They're everywhere! Once you start seeing them, it's addictive. Now don't get me started on my other "thing" - warning signs. I get a kick out of stick figures in peril...

  4. Nice shoe! And good looking cookies. Mine became something different but I adored the flavours anyway.

  5. Great looking cookies. I loved the dough and was eating it before baking as well.

    1. We thought it was more mocha-y before baking. I'd have put in more espresso powder if I'd known it was going to lose that punch. Still have a batch of dough balls in the freezer and I'm afraid they won't make it to the oven.

  6. I used three tablespoons instant espresso - hardly noticeable in the baked cookie. Though dough tasted great and had wonderful mocha flavor. So very strange. Yes, don't be afraid of the apricots! They were a nice addition.

  7. We thought it was a lot more mocha-y ahead of the baking. I'd personally possess place in a lot more coffee powdered ingredients if I would acknowledged it had been gonna lose in which boxing techinque. Have a batch involving dough golf balls from the freezer and i am reluctant they just don't reach the stove.Billig WOW Gold Kaufencheap runescape gold