Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TWD/BWJ: Country Bread

Was a couple of days late making this bread. Kept forgetting to make the sponge the night before and couldn't figure out the timing otherwise. I mean, what's the good of fresh bread if you have to bake it at 10 p.m. and don't get to taste it right away? Finally made it work on Thursday but didn't post the results. Then, about the time I'd forgotten all about it, the "leave your link" email arrived on the NEXT Tuesday. What? I inadvertently baked early? Still didn't post it though, so I'm back to being late. Sigh. One of these days I'll get it all together. Apparently there's a small child inside me who refuses to do things "on time". I'll give her a break. There are more important things in life.

Katie, the elderly KitchenAid came through again.
10 minutes kneading that dough without a complaint!
I love you, Katie.

Should've watched the video. Was already shaping the dough
when I realized that I didn't really understand the directions.
Was there supposed to be a hole?

About as good as it's gonna get

Who has a special basket for letting bread rise?
Not I, said the little red hen. Made do with a bowl.
It was fine.
My inner child didn't want to
make a checkerboard.
And didn't have
a razor blade. 

Finally, something was right! 

Oh yeah, I didn't win the lottery either. But I tried. I really want to go to San Fransisco and see this amazing art installation that'll be up until the end of February.

And something new in my life. Green Smoothies. Who knew? They're wonderful! I'm taking the Simple Green Smoothies 31-day Challenge for January. I feel so healthy. :-)

Finally, a shoe. Out on Pleasant Hill Road.


  1. Razor blade or not, love your design! The art installation looks fabulous. I live about 45 minutes away - will I a make it over there? - probably not.

    1. oh my goodness! If I lived 45 minutes away, I'd be in the car first thing in the morning. Have you been to Grace Cathedral before? It apparently has two labyrinths too. I just finished reading The Pillars of the Earth and feel like I have new eyes for cathedrals right now.

  2. Margaret, that shoe made my day! I am still laughing at the picture!
    I am sure someday, somewhere, someone will recognise his/her shoe on your blog.
    Back to your amazing bread: it looks fantastic! I love the pattern of the slashes.
    Two years ago (wow time flies!) we took our children to Eurodisney and since we did not want them to link Paris to Disneyland only, we took them for a nice stroll inside the Ville Lumière: Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe,..). My hubby and I had watched The Pillar of the Earth on DVD shortly before and we really looked at Notre-Dame with different eyes, this time.
    I’ve recently bought the book… it’s on my “to-read-list” …

    1. Ahhh, to be a child "strolling through Paris"! Haven't been to Eurodisney but it couldn't possibly top the real thing. Good decision.

  3. Beautiful loaf. Love the design you made. I didn't have a razor blade either. I LOVE that you didn't slice your bread! The pic of a hunk of bread buttered is awesome. That art installation does look amazing.

  4. LOVE the swirl on your bread. Wish I had thought of that.

  5. Who needs a stinking basket :-) I like the way your bread came out - I had a rather large disk like THING. Not my proudest moment...

  6. Wonderful job with the slashing. Love the pattern....I bought a razor blade for this one :-). And don't really need a basket. Improvisation works out great.