Tuesday, January 28, 2014

TWD/BWJ: Vanilla Chiffon Roll

There's something to be said for blissful ignorance.

Sometimes it's best not to know what's coming.

I skimmed through this recipe, checked to be sure I had the ingredients, and still had no idea that I would dirty up every piece of heavy equipment in the kitchen and need about three extra hands.

At one point, I was toasting walnuts in a pan, melting chocolate in a double boiler, and separating eggs when I suddenly thought "what's that smell?" A cake that needs to come out of the oven! I have no idea how long it cooked. Heard the timer go off at 12 minutes but was busy with the mousse and forgot about it. Ah well, it was fine anyway.

probably wasn't the best plan to also have a
crockpot full of chili cooking... limited my counter space
The fire marshall would
have a fit.

Not to mention that I was keeping one eye on the weather. Between the cracking of the first egg and the cutting of the finished cake roll, Atlanta went from southern city to winter wonderland. I probably won't leave the house for days. But I'll have plenty of cake. It's good, but honestly, I think it was too much trouble. Blissful ignorance only works the first time.

The recipe for Vanilla Chiffon Roll is in the Baking With Julia cookbook, and the other bakers can be found here.

Tonight I sit in the warmth of my home, thinking of those who aren't so lucky. It's a terrible mess out there. Atlanta is a city in distress. Thousands of people are stuck on the frozen grid-locked interstates. They're abandoning their cars and walking for help. School busses full of hungry, improperly-clothed children are unable to move. A woman gave birth on I-285. The airport is jammed with stranded passengers. And it's COLD. Many acts of compassion and courage are happening, even as I type these words.

Now a shoe. Taken on a much warmer day. I hope the people who've abandoned their cars tonight are wearing boots.


  1. Word. This used up WAAAYYYY too many bowls and pans and whatnots.

    Your weather down there is crazy - its been all over the news up here. It's not supposed to do that so far south. Stay safe!

  2. I love the snowy picture of your porch. I have been reading, and seeing the news reports (here in CA) of that crazy weather! Stay inside where it is warm and safe!

  3. Yep, way too many pans, etc. I had to clean as I went. No room on the counter. Stay warm with that cake.

  4. There truly were a lot of dirty dishes for this recipe. But I did really like it...and I will probably try making it again one day. (After the memory of all those dishes fade!)

  5. The recipe (which did seem to use every dish and cooking utensil I own) pales in comparison to everyone stranded by the snow. I'm glad you were home safe.