Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TWD/BWJ: Onion Bialys

Here we go again. 
The weather radio is blasting out a winter storm warning.  
They're using the word "catastrophic" on TV. 
There's ICE a-comin'! 
What's a girl to do? 
Bake some bread of course.

Oooo - weeee, these are good! 

Unfortunately, I only made half a recipe because Mr. Wonderful doesn't like onions. Unless he's in a super expensive restaurant. Then anything goes. He denies it, but it's true. Also, there was only one onion in the fridge and I couldn't face the prospect of a pre-ice-storm grocery store. It's surely a madhouse about now.

The onions, poppy seeds, pepper, sweet little bun shape. Liked it all.

I'm definitely more confident tossing a cup full of ice and water in the oven these days. Thank you, Tuesdays With Dorie, for making me brave!

This recipe can be found in the Baking With Julia cookbook, and the other TWD bakers are here.

And then there's the Winter Olympics in Sochi. It's so much fun to have a break from the ordinary and watch all these amazing young athletes. Doesn't matter what the sport is. They're all interesting. Have you seen those free-style skiers and snowboarders? And what about those cross-country skiers that stop and shoot a gun? (I had a bad cross-country experience once. Fell over. Stuck. Totally helpless. In very deep snow. In Norway. 'Nuf said. OK, it's funny NOW.)

Speed-skating is more exciting than you'd think, especially in person. Seriously, when they fall it's exciting, and heart-breaking. We saw speed-skating at the Lillehammer Olympics. Here's a picture outside the venue, just so you know I'm not fibbing.
Has it really been 20 years?!?
But of course, nothing is quite so dramatic as the figure skating. How can you not be mesmerized by it? Oh yes, we saw that too, in Lillehammer. Well, technically the arena was in Hamar and we missed our bus from Lillehammer. Hockey game ran over, not our fault. But as we happened to be walking past a "taxi stand", a taxi pulled up and took us there. Let me tell you that was a miracle. There were no taxis available anywhere. OK, I'll stop reminiscing now.

Or not. You might have heard that we had an Olympic event here in Atlanta. 1996. Seems like yesterday. I made a little quilt to put our pins on. Thought the bialys might like to see it.

As close as I could get to Olympic rings!
Well, wish us luck. Hopefully the sky (and the 6 huge oak trees in our front yard) won't fall. I'm visualizing our power staying on. You know, I really should've made that entire recipe. Could have used the extras for bribery. We have a neighbor with a generator. We get to listen to it whenever the power goes out. Maybe I'll bake something else while I can.

Here's a shoe, in honor of all those power company employees working in the cold. Thanks for all you do!


  1. This has been a bad winter for you guys and I can't blame you for the reluctance to venture out. The bialys look good, especially slathered with butter :-).

  2. :) My sister is also in Atlanta, giving us the minute-by-minute weather report via facebook. Hang in there! (It's headed to us in CT tonight, but we're more equipped to deal with it -- I hope.)

    In the meantime, I'm super impressed with your Olympic devotion -- and I'm glad you shared the spirit with the bialys. I'm sure they also appreciated the "ring" homage to their Eastern-European heritage.

  3. I hope you're doing okay in this winter storm! What an endless winter this is......!

    Your bialys looks scrumptious!

  4. Glad you made the bialys to tide you over!! Good shot with the melting butter. Yum! Makes me want another bialy!
    Yes, bake while you can!!! I think that we are lucky, in that we will not be getting a storm this week. (so far)

  5. Loved your Olympic commentary haha! I attended the 1996 Atlanta games...my brother won a bronze medal. He was one of the catchers on the baseball team! :) Great times!!

    1. Wow! A bronze medalist in the family? That's impressive! We saw baseball here. I think it was the one event that we took the kids to, other than the torch run. They were very young at the time, so baseball was a good event for them.

  6. I can't believe that you are getting hit again down there. Grocery stores pre-storm are the worst... If the south keeps getting all this cold, where are all of us northerners supposed to retreat to?

    I am so not ready for the foot of snow and what all they are telling us we're going to get. Running out of the places to put all that white stuff...

    1. I sincerely don't know how you survive winter. A nice short snow event is exciting and fun. But if it went on for months, I'd have to have drugs or something, LOL! I'm ready to head south too.

  7. nice olympic story-your bialys came out beautifully

  8. Loved your post! Very funny. Hope you weathered the storm OK. I like your Olympic bialy logo. :)