Sunday, January 31, 2016

TWD/BCM: Lemon Squares, French-Style

I love it when Dorie upscales a "normal" recipe!

The amount of butter in this recipe is shocking.
Over a pound.
No wonder it's good.
Cut small pieces and nobody gets hurt.

I pulled one of those ancient kitchen tools off the wall. A juicer that did a great job on the lemons, even filtering out all the seeds. Not certain where it came from, but there's a chance it was my mother's. Made me feel good. It's the little things.

 Rolled out the bottom crust with a "shooter" glass. (Not my mother's!)

The crust was pre-baked, then covered with chilled lemon curd, crumbled up bits of the same shortbread dough as the crust, and chopped almonds. A second baking transformed the topping into crunchy wonderfulness. For me, it was the almonds that took it over the top.  I used roughly chopped whole almonds. Didn't worry about blanching them. And liked it that way.

Those dark edges were... chewy, yummy.

You can see what the other Tuesday With Dorie bakers thought about the lemon squares here.

One more thing. I know my photos leave something to be desired. I've edited them on my computer but when I go to upload here, they revert back to the original. Anybody got tips about Mac's new Photos app? I've googled it. Read the Photos help. Nothing addresses this issue. There's probably some simple thing I'm doing wrong. The files don't retain the titles I've given them either. And I have to search for everything. Good grief, I didn't know it would take me this long to make the switch. But Windows got way too user-unfriendly for me. All in all, I love the Mac, just need to figure out Photos. So for now, it's bad photos or nothing. I'm trying to get back to posting. One of these days, I might even do it on the designated Tuesday! There's always hope.

I'll leave you with a shoe. A magical shoe which a friend texted me a picture of. Two days later I found myself in that area and it was still there! Seriously, how many times does one see a blue high heel, sitting upright in the parking lot of a Verizon store? Looks like Cinderella had a problem with her phone.

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  1. Love the photo of the blue shoe, there must be a story there someplace. Your
    lemon squares look great, they were a big hit in our house. I had to put most of them in the freezer, too much temptation.