Saturday, August 23, 2014

TWD/BWJ: Baking Powder Biscuits

Biscuit challenge

Baking Powder Biscuits from Baking With Julia
Low-carb Breakfast Biscuits from Up Late Anyway

Let the chips fall where they may.
Looky what I found on the windowsill - 2" biscuit cutter.
Those antique cooking utensils have come in handy lately.

The low-carb ones baked first.
Spread more than I expected.
Next time - muffin tin.

Light and fluffy. And yummy.

OK, let's be honest here. Nothing is going to beat a good old-fashioned made-from-scratch biscuit. Of course they were excellent. I was forced to try one for verification purposes. It wasn't really a fair fight. The low-carb biscuits weren't bad, especially when paired with a great little spaghetti squash casserole. I even found Mr Picky nibbling a second one the next day (though he refused the spaghetti squash). 

To each his own. They both have a place in the world. Speaking of the world, we've been out in it this summer. Another road trip through the Carolinas, Tennessee, the Virginias, and DC. 

Jumping on the...

The Biltmore

America On Parade
at Shenandoah Caverns

Our nation's capitol.
I love the national mall at night.

The National Zoo

And we lost our sweet Sallie, who outlived her sister Rachel by 8 months. Now they're back together again, chasing squirrels and running the green fields of doggie heaven, pain-free at last. But it's hard. The house is still filled with dog beds and unused dishes. I can't bear to part with them. And our one remaining dog, Lady, is lonely.

Here's a shoe. A VERY interesting place to eat in Hendersonville, NC. I was almost out of the lot when my boy spotted it.