Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TWD/BCM: Strawberry Shortcakes, Franco-American Style

Hi there!
I'm back.
Actually, I've been here all along.
Baking, taking photos, tasting, enjoying, reading your posts.
But too lazy to blog about it.
I would say "too busy" but that's not entirely accurate.
And I feel guilty enough without adding a lie, LOL!
After missing a few posts, I couldn't decide:
Go back and write each one very very late?
Or lump them all together?
And then there was another one.
And another.
And another.
Did I mention that decision-making isn't my best quality?

Well, let's forget the others for now and talk about the Strawberry Shortcakes.

First let me say that I LOVE Baking Chez Moi! Seriously, every recipe has been surprisingly easy and tasty. Except for one - I'm looking at you, tapioca. Not a quitter. Still working on that one. But I digress. Dorie's stories (did that just rhyme?) and hints for changing up the recipes make it a fantastic book. And this is from someone who never really loved cookbooks. Did I just say that out loud to a bunch of bakers? Sorry. I beg your forgiveness. 

The Strawberry Shortcake recipe drew me in right from the start. I already had all the ingredients. Hello? That's the mark of a great recipe! Doesn't hurt that organic strawberries were on sale this week. And the kids were home for Father's Day. Everybody liked this. What more can I say? 

Chance to pull out some of my
mechanical drawing tools.
The circle template still has tape pads
on the back from the *olden* days
when we physically drew with ink.
Piping is fun. Even from a baggie.
One day I'll remember to buy a 1/2" tip.
And an offset spatula.
This is our Lady.
That's her name. Really.
She didn't care about the
"lady"finger batter but
she loves strawberries.
Here's a little quilt I did of her last year.
It's called "Lady in Blue".

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Much time has passed and there have been many many shoes in the road. This one may not be the most exciting or beautiful, but it's the one I saw today.