Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TWD/BWJ: Bagels

RESOLVED: I will seek out the Baking With Julia videos before attempting all further recipes in this project!

Do you think that'll help me remember? The printed recipe seems SO much more complicated than the video version. Especially 4 pages of printed recipe. Especially for a visual person.

I considered skipping this recipe altogether because in general bagels aren't my favorite food. Too hard to eat without feeling like you might pull out a tooth or OD your jaw muscles. But then I started to read the links. Several people used the word "fun". Who am I to argue with that? Why should I care about the finished product if I have fun along the way? And you know what? It WAS fun! And you know what else? They're good!

The second debate was on while I was making the dough.  Which explains the wine...  I'm terribly exhausted by what passes as politics in this country anymore. It's disintegrated into an ugly bitterness that has infiltrated even my own friends. The fear- and hate-mongerers aren't going to let up, are they? A sense of hopelessness has taken hold of me. There. I've named it.

And so I welcome the unexpectedly "fun" recipe. And try not to think about the way people are treating one another over an election. When all else fails, I'll make bagels.

The recipe can be found here, and links to other Tuesdays With Dorie bakers who made this recipe are here.

And now for a shoe. How about a hopelessly bad picture of one?  It's not easy to get them in focus when you're driving 45 mph and there's a car on your tail.


  1. Ah, Tuesday night's debate gave me a headache - I consumed a very large glass of wine...
    Bravo for tacking the bagel-age :-) Well done!

  2. I agree!! It was fun! I especially liked twirling my fingers to make the rings. And yes, the video totally helped!! I watched it like 4 times! Lauren Groveman talks really fast.

  3. What a lovely bagel & flower picture you've taken!
    I'm glad the word "fun" made you bake them - I'm even more glad that you liked them.
    I enjoyed making them, eating them and was so happy to have seen the videos before: it helped me a lot.